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Auto Repairs You Should Never Try

Even if you want to be more self-reliant ad thrifty, there are certain auto repairs you should never try yourself. Sure, you can change a tire, put in a new air filter, and maybe even install your own battery, but for the majority of Americans, attempting certain major repairs is a bad idea. Brakes Although changing the brake pads and other brake-related tasks may seem simpler than some other automotive repairs, unless you are an expert you should leave brake replacement to the professionals. Read More 

2 Repairs That You Should Make Before Any Road Trip

The most important thing that you can do when planning a vacation is to ensure that your vehicle is up to the rigors that come along with a long road trip. For example, you will want to ensure that not only is your vehicle capable of dealing with long hours on the road but is also capable of dealing with changing road conditions safely. Listed below are two repairs that you should make before any road trip. Read More 

Tips For Avoiding Costly Hydraulic Repair And Maintenance Problems

Taking care of the hydraulic machinery you use in your machine shop is vital for saving money that should be in your profits. Some repairs can be completely avoided by ensuring proper hydraulic maintenance is performed in a timely manner. Learn more about some common hydraulic repair issues that could end up being repairs that cut into your profits. Investing In Hydraulic Oil Analysis Is Smart Several circumstances during the full-time operation of a hydraulic machine will cause the oil to become depleted. Read More 

What To Do If Your Car Overheats

You may be on a road trip or simply driving around town when suddenly you notice your car is overheating.  What should you do? Assess The Situation If the temperature gauge is maxed out, if the check engine light is on, or if there is steam coming from under your hood, pull over immediately. Driving your car for even a few more minutes may permanently damage your car's engine. If you are able to lower your engine's temperature, though, you may be able to make it home in your vehicle. Read More 

Need An RV? Why A Fifth Wheel Is The Way To Go

If you're in the market for a recreational vehicle (RV), you have a number of options available to you. Because there are so many different types of RVs available, it can be difficult to determine which one will be right for you.  However, fifth wheel RVs offer a significant number of advantages that you may find quite beneficial.  Fifth wheel RVs get their name because there is a special hitch embedded in the bed of the towing truck that the fifth wheel attaches to. Read More