Need An RV? Why A Fifth Wheel Is The Way To Go

If you're in the market for a recreational vehicle (RV), you have a number of options available to you. Because there are so many different types of RVs available, it can be difficult to determine which one will be right for you.  However, fifth wheel RVs offer a significant number of advantages that you may find quite beneficial.  Fifth wheel RVs get their name because there is a special hitch embedded in the bed of the towing truck that the fifth wheel attaches to.  Learning more about the benefits of fifth wheel trailers can help you see why they are the right choice for you.

Fifth Wheel RVs Are Easier To Tow

One of the most compelling reasons why you should choose a fifth wheel is because they are some of the easiest trailers to tow.  This is an important point to consider, especially if you are new to the world of RVs and don't have much experience towing them.

Fifth wheels are easier to tow because of how they are hitched to the truck.  Instead of being attached with a small hitch on the bumper of your truck, they are securely stabilized by the hitch in the truck bed.  This reduces the towing length, which helps when it comes to judging passing distance or parking issues.  Also, you want a trailer that won't be swayed by wind or rain while you're traveling.  The stability of the fifth wheel assists with this tremendously, which helps quite a bit when you're on the road.

Fifth Wheels Offer A Bi-Level Floorplan

Another reason why fifth wheels are a great choice is because they have a raised portion in the front of the trailer that creates a different living space.  This works out well if you have a family with teenagers who want to have a separate area to sleep or relax in.  Some other trailer types don't have this feature, which can make it difficult if you want to create a space for one or more individuals to have some privacy.

Although it can be difficult to make a decision when wading out into the sea of RVs, fifth wheels offer so many benefits that it's easy to see why they stand out from the pack.  Visit your local RV dealer, one like Brad's Trailer Supply, so you can tour a few fifth wheels to decide which one is the right choice for you.