auto upgrades to keep teenage drivers safe

Off Road Mudding At Night? Lights To Use To Keep You Safe

If you love to do off road mudding but rather do it at night, you have to do things a little differently. You can still have a great time, and it may even be more exciting for you. Below is some information about some lights you should have with you to keep you safe. LED Light Bars Because you are off road trucking at night, you need to have lights other than your headlights to stay safe. Read More 

Troubleshooting And Repairing Issues With Your Taillights

If you're sitting at a stop light and someone pulls up next to you and shouts "Hey, you've got a taillight out!" it's likely a simple problem. Once you get home, with a couple of household tools and maybe a trip to the auto parts store, you'll have the problem fixed before you get pulled over and get a ticket. Here is what you'll do to fix that taillight problem. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Driving Test Etiquette

Preparing for your drivers license exam can be stressing, especially when it is your first time. You may have already spent a lot of time practicing how to parallel park or how to make a proper three point turn. However, one aspect of your test you should also be prepared for are the manners you need to mind while a driving instructor is riding with you. Studying For Your Test Can Help You Resist The Urge To Ask Questions Read More 

How To Flush A Radiator To Keep It In Good Condition

The summer driving season is soon to begin. If you are planning to drive to distant places on vacation, you should make sure your car is in tip-top shape to avoid having car trouble on the road. Making sure your car is prepared for long trips gets more important as the car gets older. One problem that can arise is the car overheating, because the radiator cooling system is filled with rust and sludge. Read More