Early Signs Of Car Trouble That Your College Student Should Watch For

As your son or daughter prepares to move into a dorm for the first time, there are many things you want to be sure they know how to do for themselves. One that is easy to forget about is the necessity of arranging for car repairs when they are away from home. Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure that your young adult is aware of the following information, so that he or she is as prepared as possible when seemingly minor car trouble occurs.

When Reduced Gas Mileage Occurs

Although it is not unusual for the gas mileage on a vehicle to reduce during summer months as the result of extensive use of the air conditioner, the problem may also occur due to other reasons. Common causes that can be quickly repaired include dirty spark plugs, bad oxygen sensors and overly full air filters.

Since the oxygen sensors allow the air and fuel to mix in the necessary amounts, impaired sensors need to be replaced as soon as possible to restore normal function. Air filters that are clogged may simply need to be cleaned out, while spark plugs that don't work as expected will often need to be replaced.

When The Brake Petal Has To Be Pushed Farther Down To Stop

It is easy to assume that if you never skip a visit for new brake pads, brakes should always function properly. However, there are numerous causes other than brake pads that could force the vehicle to need more effort to stop. For instance, the car could be low on brake fluid due to a leak that is otherwise undetectable. In that instance, it is important to schedule time with a good mechanic so that the problem does not worsen or cause an accident when your student cannot stop quickly enough.

Another possible culprit is brake fluid that has become contaminated, through one of those same tiny hoes. Your mechanic might need to bleed the brakes to confirm the diagnosis and then provide new brake fluid after repairing the hole. A third issue might be simply that the vehicle is low on brake fluid, which is often an easy fix. It may be helpful to show your son or daughter where the brake reservoir is on their car before they move out, so that they know how to add the appropriate amount of fluid. Filling it up to the maximum line of the reservoir may address the problem, and knowing how to check the levels will always be useful.

In conclusion, auto repairs are rarely any fun and can be even harder for young adults who are away from home for the first time. As a result, it is a good idea to be sure that your son or daughter has the appropriate information to stay safe while in a new or unfamiliar area. Contact a company like Blue Valley Garage to learn more.