A Couple Of Tire Maintenance Tips

Your car's tires are among the most important parts of the vehicle, but it can be common for drivers to take this part of the car for granted. As a result,you may be overlooking some steps to get the most from your car's tires. To help you with this part of owning a vehicle, you should make sure to keep the following couple of tips in mind.

Invest In A Road Hazard Warranty

In addition to normal wear, your tires will be subjected to a number of hazards while you are driving. Fortunately, a road hazard warranty can protect you from these risks for the first year or two that you own the tires. When a tire dealer offers customers road hazard warranties, they are agreeing to repair the tires if they experience a number of common sources of damage. For example, nails or other sharp debris can puncture your tires, but if you have this type of warranty, you will be able to have the dealer patch the tire for free.

In some instances, the damage may be too severe to repair, which will result in you needing to replace the tire. When this is the case, you may be required to pay for the new tire as some of the warranties only cover repairs. You will need to carefully examine the details of the warranty to determine what level of coverage it provides you.

Perform Weekly Visual Inspections

At least once a week, you should make it a point to perform a thorough visual inspection of the tires. During this inspection, you should look for signs of bulging, wear or any other deformities in the exterior of the tire. These issues may seem minor, but they will often worsen if they are not repaired.

While it is important for you to inspect the tires for physical damage, you will also need to check the treads. Luckily, this can be a rather simple task because you can use a penny to check the tread by putting it between the treads. If the treads do not come past the forehead of Abraham Lincoln, then it is necessary to replace the tires.

Getting the most from your tires is an important goal for keeping your car safe and free of some routine problems. However, if you are a new driver, you may be overlooking some aspects of tire maintenance, which can cause you to accidentally expose your car to a higher risk of tire problems. If you know the benefits of buying a road hazard warranty as well as the importance of performing weekly visual inspections, you will be in a better position to keep your car's tires safe. Contact a business such as Euro-Tire for more information.