Auto Parts Wedding Themed Ideas For The Car Enthusiast

You are getting married! Congratulations! Now comes the fun part of planning your killer wedding ceremony and reception to make your big day memorable. Even though you are a car enthusiast, you are likely to spend in excess of up to  2 hours per week planning your wedding, like about 75 percent of brides. So why not combine the two. Your reception can reflect your personality and possibly also that of your groom, by incorporating used automobile parts as decoration.

So, if utilizing used car parts gets your engine revving, here are a few ways you can use them in your wedding theme.


Nothing captures a wedding theme quite like the centerpiece and your car enthusiast or vintage auto themed wedding might certainly make a statement with the use of used car parts from a company like Southwest Auto Salvage. You can get pieces such as pistons or plugs that have their own unique designs while being small enough to be in the center of your table. These can be decorated with floral arrangements, fabric, balloons or candles in your bridal colors to make an eye-catching piece. 

The car parts for your centerpieces can be had at used car parts stores or it might be cheaper to rummage through any of the approximately 200 self-service salvage yards to get them. In this instance it would not matter if they are in good working condition since they would not be used for car installation and you might be able to get them at a greatly reduced cost, especially after removing them yourself.


Other ways that car parts can be a part of your themed wedding is by using them as accessories. You can make a cake stand for your wedding cake using gears of varying sizes or install candy dishes with gears at the bases. Depending on your budget or your skill in repurposing car parts, you could also utilize used engine blocks to house the wine or other bottled beverages at the bar. Lighting can also be accessorized by using pistons and rods to make candle holders for your favorite colored candles. In addition, brake light lamps can be used to provide mood lighting in strategic areas.

Though much of this may sound expensive, you should be able to keep within or below the approximate $32,641, which is estimated to be the average wedding budget in the U.S. However, for the avid DIYer, this can be much cheaper. If you are planning to do this by yourself or as a couple, you might want to start preparing right away so that it can all be ready by the time you are ready to say "I do."