Choosing The Right Mechanic

Although the majority of mechanics are certainly honest and hardworking, people who do not understand how vehicles work are often leery about choosing one. You may fear being taken advantage of since you don't know an alternator from a radiator. Don't worry. By taking a few precautions, you can get the mechanic that you deserve and keep your vehicle on the road.


Memorize these letters. If a mechanic has an ASE certification, you can be certain that they have a high skill level. The ASE is a standardized exam that tests both knowledge and hands-on skills. Also, the mechanic must have at least two years of experience before being certified. As a result, a mechanic with an ASE certification is guaranteed to have excellent knowledge and mechanical ability. Other certifications also exist, so if your mechanic has a variety of these well-earned certificates, you can feel pretty secure about your choice. 

Small Repairs

Whenever possible, give any new shop a chance at small repairs before trusting them with a large one. Have them replace your brakes or tailpipe and see how well they do. If you are satisfied with the service, you will feel more confident about trusting them with serious engine problems. Be honest with the mechanic. If you explain your "trial run," they are likely to be even more careful than usual with your vehicle. Everyone wants to get new loyal customers. 


Go ahead and give the mechanic an informal interview. As someone with no automotive knowledge, you need to deal with a patient mechanic, one who will take the time to explain each repair and the charges that come with it. If the mechanic is not communicative, you probably need to choose someone else. Experts also suggest you ask what the mechanic would do to repair their own car before you allow a major repair to be done to yours. An honest mechanic will tell you what parts are really necessary, and you should be able to detect if you are getting the whole truth. Instinct certainly counts for something, so trust your gut. 

Mechanics as a whole are an honest group of people. Your lack of knowledge may cause you to feel vulnerable, however. If you do your homework and consult with a friendly certified mechanic, you should get excellent service. Once you've found the right mechanic, they can help keep your car running for years or even decades. 

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