Hauling 101 | Questions Asked by the Average Driver

If you have a vehicle that is capable, such as a pick up truck or SUV, there is a good chance that at some point you will be either asked to haul something on a trailer or will need to haul something on your own. While most of these vehicles are designed to be able to pull a trailer, there will always be questions about how hard this could be on a vehicle. Here are a few of the most common questions about hauling and towing that the average driver will usually have.

How much weight can your vehicle haul safely?

Each vehicle comes with a two-capacity rating by the manufacturer. You can find this information in the label on the inside of the drivers door. If the label is missing, or the tow capacity happens to be missing from the list of information, you can usually find the tow capacity in your owner's manual or on a car maker's website as well. The tow capacity is important because it tells you how much weight the transmission and engine can safely haul without causing damage.

Is it really necessary to hook up the wiring that is attached to the trailer?

Most modern trailers will have a wiring harness that is supposed to be connected to your vehicle to power the lights on the back of the trailer. These lights are an important safety feature because they let other drivers know what you intend to do when you are on the road and your vehicle's lights may not be visible. Therefore, you should always hook up the wiring harness before hauling a trailer on the roadway.

How do you know how much a trailer and load weighs?

It is not typical for the average driver to have a heavy-duty equipment scale hanging around, and you may not know the total weight of the trailer and what you plan to haul. The easiest way to find out the weight of a trailer is by checking with the manufacturer. Companies that sell towables also usually have a scale that you can use for weighing a trailer and load if you need to.

Owning a vehicle that has the capacity to haul a trailer can be incredibly convenient. However, you should always know the answers to any questions you have before you get started to stay safe. If you have additional questions, talk to a trailer sales and manufacturing company like TNT Equipment Hauling.