Off Road Mudding At Night? Lights To Use To Keep You Safe

If you love to do off road mudding but rather do it at night, you have to do things a little differently. You can still have a great time, and it may even be more exciting for you. Below is some information about some lights you should have with you to keep you safe.

LED Light Bars

Because you are off road trucking at night, you need to have lights other than your headlights to stay safe. Put an off road LED light bar on each side of your truck. You can even put one in the front and back of the vehicle. This will really make your truck shine. It will not only look good, but it will keep you safe because it makes you visible to other off road drivers. When purchasing your LED light bar think of the width. You likely want it to cover as much of the length of your truck that you can.

You should also consider the lumens, which is how bright you want the LED light to be. Lumens measure the amount of light you are getting from the LED light bulbs. The more lumens it has the brighter it is. You may not want it too bright, however, as it could blind the other drivers. When you purchase your LED light bar, it will show the amount of lumens it has on the packaging.

Safety Lights

Off road mudding can be dangerous, and if you have a wreck you want to make sure people can find you. To do this, make sure you have a safety stick in your truck. This is especially useful if you do not use LED light bars. These sticks have a bright flashing light that you can turn on, and then magnetically stick it somewhere on your truck. This alerts other drives of your location so you can get help.There may be enough damage where you could not get out of your truck. This safety stick can help you in this kind of situation.. It can shatter any window on your truck, and can even completely cut through your seat belt. 

You can also purchase a light lantern that will give you light long enough so you can make repairs to your truck. If you are camping out after you finish off road mudding, you can use this as a light for your camp site. These lights also have a flashing alert mode so other drivers can find you.

You can have a lot more fun if you are prepared for off road mudding in your truck. Talk with the other drivers to make sure they have these lights in their truck also.